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Big Chefs: From Anatolia to the Menu

Big Chefs Aqua Florya branch with its superb sea view is the frequent destination of large family feasts and convivial business meetings.

Big Chefs Aqua Florya branch, prominent with ist outside and inside restaurant areas and kitchen installations sometimes used for workshops in the entrance section, awaits its patrons to taste the Gaziantep dishes bearing the Big Chefs’ signature.

Great chefs invite those wanting to taste the most fascinating favours of Gaziantep, UNESCO’s choice, and to experience the most famous dishes of the region with the Big Chef’s diference, from yuvarlama, a soup with chickpeas and mince meat balls, stuffed dried aubergines and dried peppers, pastry with rice and avrat salad with tomatoes, spring onions and garlic, to purslane with yogurt and Arabian meatballs, at Big Chefs, Aqua Florya.