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This Advice is Especially for Parents

Don’t let Success at School Preclude Happiness: starting school is a very stressful situation from the child’s point of view. While factors such as leaving home and increase in responsibilities form the basis of stress, the addition of expected performance results in the child having a hard time. To reassure your child and to reduce stress to the minimum, convince them that you adopt the notion, ‘Happiness is the most important thing in life.’ However, while doing this you must show them by your behaviour that this idea of yours is carried out. Instead of being angry and reacting if your child is unsuccessful in class, make them believe that they can overcome the situation.

Show Your Child that Your Love is Not Dependent on a Reason: What your child needs most is your love.

Thinking that your love is proportionate to their success at school causes them to suffer great stress. They worry that they will not be loved, that they will be criticized and punished for even a small failure. If you want your child to have a happy, successful school period make sure they feel that your love is not linked to their success at school.

Don’t Constantly Taunt Them with the Success of their Friends: Comparing your child to their classmates to a certain level may have positive results.

You Should be the Reward: It is very important to reward, encourage and support your child’s positive attitudes and behaviour. However, when giving rewards choose gifts that are more meaningful rather than those of high material value.

Don’t Leave Them Alone If They are Afraid: Many children experience the anxiety of being away from the family during the first days of school. One of the most important steps in order to avoid this situation can be to support the child in becoming more individual before reaching school age. If your child cannot stay at school on their own you may help them to be less anxious by staying in the class for a short time during their first days of school.

Listen to Your Child No Matter What: However busy you are at work or at home, make sure you listen to your child. If you listen to your child with understanding and let them explain clearly all that is going on, you may be aware at an early stage of any problem regarding education or possible abuse.

Do Not Make the School a Point of Status: Avoid continually impressing on your child the pains you have taken in choosing their school. If the school they attend serves a false purpose showing your friends the value you attach to the child, a point of status, it will, more often than not, be an additional burden to the child. Again, choosing a private school exceeding the family budget can make your child feel guilty every time the subject is mentioned.