Aqua Florya Shopping and Life Center brings entertainment and shopping together with 160 stores in 53,000 square meters leasable zone, 1,500 vehicles capacity car park, an amphitheater with 900 seats, 11 movie theatres, 52,000 square meters of landscape and walking zones, exhibition-cultural spaces, 13,000 square meters square, open market place and vast brand options.

Next to the sea in Florya Istanbul, Aqua Florya`s one of the main attractions is hosting Istanbul Aquarium, the world`s biggest thematic aquarium, which opened in June 2011. It also offers different tastes from the various cuisines in cafes and restaurants next to the sea and the events held in the big amphitheater.

Aqua Florya Shopping and Life center is open seven days between 10:00-22:00 with its magnificent view.

About Investor

The investment of Aqua Florya Shopping and Life Center is funded by a joint consortium of Nuhoğlu İnşaat, Metal Yapı Konut, Alt ve Üst Yapı İnşaat and Nas İnşaat.

About ECE Türkiye

Expert In Shopping Centers And Multifunctional Complexes

Founded in 2000 in Istanbul, ECE Türkiye is a subsidiary of German ECE Marketplaces - the European market leader in the field of shopping centers with approximately 200 centers under management. Operating as an affiliate company of ECE Group - an internationally active real estate and investment company owned by Otto family - ECE Marketplaces offers comprehensive expertise and more than 55 years of experience in the professional operation and marketing of shopping centers as well as their continuous development into lively marketplaces and attractive urban districts.

As an investor and full service provider, ECE Türkiye gathers all competences of the shopping center development, such as architectural design, conceptual planning, project management, leasing, asset and center management, budgeting, finance, and legal services under one roof. At the same time, ECE Türkiye sees shopping centers as platforms and increases their attractiveness by adapting new branches and functions into these complexes other than shopping, such as co-working spaces, healthcare, culture, food and leisure areas or brand showrooms.

With its more than 55 years of experience in Europe and 20 years of experience in Turkey, ECE invests in the future of the retail industry with custom-made services, innovative concepts, a tailor-made branch and tenant mix, high level of professionalism and expertise, customer - focused strategy and a reputation of strong performance.